Friday, February 5, 2010

Where There's Rain, There's Flooding

Let rain season begin, Atlanta. It was raining all last night and into the morning, and though it stopped an hour ago I'm still sloshing through street-streams of water. Come to think of it by only two days of rain its my street floods. Why is it that when it rains in Atlanta, it floods? Where is the water going and why does it seem that the city can't hold a little bit of water.

On my way to the Outdoor Activity Center this morning I noticed that the gutter was overflowing with water. How is it that our gutters are overwhelmed, I began to wonder, until I realized that as far as the eye could see everything is paved and there is very little green space and watersheds. Think that is unrelated? It's not. Normally, in a less inustrialized area water would be absorbed by the terrain and the waterways. Now the question is, does Atlanta have enough green space to absorb the rain?

My answer to that query is a big fat NO, seeing as even the slightest amount of rain will cause minor floods. We as residents of Atlanta should consider advocating for the creation of more green space as a way of directly improving the sewage and flooding situation that we've got going on down here. The population is estimated to continue to expand exponentially, so as the city develops we must remember to protect strategic natural spaces.

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